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Theses Alive!

Theses Alive!
at Edinburgh University Library

The University of Edinburgh
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Introduction to The Tapir for DSpace

Current Version: 0.3

Note: The EUL-DSpace Add-On may now be referred to as Tapir and will be released under this name from v0.3. Tapir stands for Theses Alive Plug-in for Institutional Repositories.

At Edinburgh University Library (EUL) we have installed DSpace as our chosen package to develop our E-Theses programme upon. In order to achieve the aims of our project is has been necessary to develop our own tools to add extra functionality to DSpace. These tools are presented in this section of the website.

The current version of Tapir provides the ability within DSpace to operate a supervised authoring facility, allowing Thesis and Dissertation Supervisors to observe the ongoing work by their student on their project, to comment and to even make changes. This comes with an addition to the DSpace administration area to manage the supervising groups and their access policies to the student's work. It is envisaged that although developed specifically with ETDs in mind, that this software may also find other applications.

In addition, two submission interfaces (one for E-prints and other documents, and one for E-theses) are now supported, with the option to choose between them. Each of these submission interfaces provides custom metadata collection and licencing options for submissions.

Development of this product is ongoing under the funding of JISC, and the result will be an open source, freely available addition to the DSpace. Please check back regularly for updates.

These pages are for use by anyone interested in installing the software, or currently using the installed package. As such, if there is anything that is unclear or missing, please do not hesitate to contact the Systems Developer in charge of this software.

You can find more on The Tapir, including a download of the source code, at its home on SourceForge. You can also obtain copies of the stable releases here.

The soure code for DSpace may also be obtained at SourceForge.

Last updated: Wed, 01 September, 2004