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Theses Alive!

Theses Alive!
at Edinburgh University Library

The University of Edinburgh
Dr James Barry
Edinburgh University Library presents ...

... the theses of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (right): author of the Sherlock Holmes novels, and Dr James Barry (left): the first female medical doctor in British history.

Read about them here

or read their theses online in the Edinburgh Research Archive (ERA):

Dr James Barry
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Edinburgh Skyline

Theses Alive! has finished

The Theses Alive! project has now come to an end, so there will be no further major updates to this site. It will, nonetheless, be maintained until such time as all materials here have found good homes on other public web servers, and even after then it will remain for some time.

The legacy of Theses Alive! is the Edinburgh Research Archive which is now a fully fledged Edinburgh Univeristy Library service that will continue to be maintained and developed in the vein that Theses Alive! started.

The final and completion reports for this project are available in our site archive. Direct links to PDF versions of these files are here: Final Report, Completion Report


A large body of research material is produced every year in the Graduate Schools of the UK's major research universities, but it remains largely invisible because of the dominance of the print and microform formats for thesis literature.


Some leading US universities have developed software to handle ETDs (Electronic Theses & Dissertations). This software can be adapted for use in the UK, and a partnership between university Graduate Schools, Libraries and IT Services will lead to a thesis literature - fully authorised and digitally preserved - becoming available online.

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Wed, 15 December, 2004:
The Thesis Alive! project has come to an official end, but its legacy lives on in the form of the Edinburgh Research Archive and the forthcoming EThOS project.

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